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PT. Barkat Agra Yuga

Handylift Hydraulic

Handylift Hydraulic or commonly called Manhole Cover Lifters is the most versatile model of PT BAY, with custom or desaign adjusting requests, according to the size and quality and weight of the manhole cover needed. We provide or produce all large sizes or standards for locks and accessories to handle holes that cannot be lifted by other carriers. We can also adjust the lift itself to meet individual needs, changing the size of the frame and wheels if needed. Is your manhole cover internal, block - paved, gatic or split triangle. We will provide KIT Handylift Hydraulic to lift it quickly and safely. Protect the operator from back, finger injuries and eliminate all physical presses from the lifting process.
Lifting has a safe 1.5-5 ton workload with the right choice of keys capable of lifting all types of covers up to 900 mm X 900 mm keyspan. Hydraulic Manhole Cover is a larger version of lift that can lift larger covers up to 1200 mm X 1200 mm keyspan. The Handylift Hydraulic can be fully assembled in a large car van or boot and can also be disassembled quickly and easily into smaller spaces. Re-assembly of lifters, easy and takes only about 30 seconds.